Let’s continue to stay Covid safe and continue to think about our watershed and the

Here’s our May update.

The Great Lakes Watershed Clean-up continues to remain paused due to the lockdown situation in Ontario. The number of new cases continues to be high, and we don’t want any of our partners, volunteers and the public at large to take a chance and get together in groups outside of your immediate families or housemates.

Our caution means that we will not be rescheduling the event date until we have a better idea of how things are proceeding in Ontario. While we hope to pick a weekend in June to have the Great Lakes Watershed Clean-up in West Niagara, we will not know until after the 20th. of May if that is even possible.

As one of our partner members said, “there is garbage out there and it will be waiting for us”.

So, what can we do in the interim? We have some ideas and hope you can join in.

1) Visit our clean-up website and learn more about the watershed, its’ importance and what you can do to keep it healthy.

2) Remember that you can still cleanup within your own area while you go for a walk. Keeping in mind Covid-19 safety protocols, take a bag with you, pick up the trash you see and dispose of it with your own garbage. If you do the pick-up with your family and collect a lot of trash, send us your photo and let us know who you are by filling in the Submit Photo/Information Form found under Photos on the main menu.

3) Pre-register for the clean-up so we can connect with you when we have a new date set.  You can pre-register by clicking on Event Pre-Registration on the main menu. We will be updating our website with more information in the coming weeks and would like you to know about the additions as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your interest in cleaning up the watershed in West Niagara. We will get it done and stay safe. The partner interest has been overwhelming. Let’s hope we can get it done in June!