The Grimsby Rotary Club is proud to be part of Rotary International, a non-profit organization of 1.3 million members in more than 165 countries dedicated to improving the human condition.

Rotary Club of Grimsby

The Rotary Club of Lincoln supports, contributes to, participates in and works with like groups in local, national and international community initiatives and in developing youth leadership, the future of our communities.

Rotary Club of Lincoln

We meet every Tuesday at Noon to share ideas about improving our community and our world.  Like other Rotary clubs, we are a Non Profit Organization with volunteers working for social welfare and civic improvement.

Rotary Club of Grimsby at Noon

The Parks, Recreation and Culture mandate is to promote and facilitate healthy and active lifestyles in Grimsby.  This is achieved by taking a leadership role through programming, facility development and creative partnerships with public and private sector groups.  The Town of Grimsby is pleased to work with Community Groups like the Rotary Club to make a difference in our collective community.

Grimsby, Ontario

The Town of Lincoln’s vision is to be a Place to Grow, A Place to Prosper, a Place to belong with a focus on being a healthy, resilient community.  Supporting local initiatives to clean and green Lincoln and surrounding areas is a big step in being a welcoming, connected community.

Town of Lincoln

The Township is made up of many rural communities such as the hamlets of St. Ann’s, Silverdale, Bismark, Caistorville, Fulton, Grassie and Wellandport among others. Smithville is the largest urban centre in the Township. West Lincoln is a progressive municipality known for its strong community, agriculture and nature.

West Lincoln

The Niagara region is located in southern Ontario, Canada, between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The region encompasses a total area of 1,852 km2 with a population of 449,098. As a municipal government, Niagara Region is made up of 32 representatives from the 12 area municipalities. Niagara Region is a unified community of communities with diverse opportunities and qualities. Together we strive for a better tomorrow. Niagara Region will serve its residents, businesses and visitors through leadership, partnership and the provision of effective and community-focused services.

Niagara Region

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) oversees the Niagara Peninsula watershed. The objects of a Conservation Authority are to provide, in their area, programs and services designed to further the conservation, restoration, development and management of natural resources other than gas, oil, coal and minerals.


The Grimsby and District Lions Club endorses the Environment as one of the Global Causes of All Lions. The Lions have initiated the planting of trees at the Lions Grove and sponsored benches on Grimsby’s Waterfront Trail. We are happy to partner with the Rotary Clubs to enhance our community on April 24.

Grimsby & District Lions Club

Sierra Club Canada Foundation empowers people to be leaders in protecting, restoring and enjoying healthy and safe ecosystems. The Sierra Club Canada Foundation (SCCF) is a national registered charity that includes four chapters, plus the Sierra Youth Coalition, a group whose mandate is to empower young people to become community leaders.

Sierra Club Ontario

Green Venture is a community-based, non-profit environmental education organization. We committed to empowering Hamilton residents to implement greener practices in their homes and communities everyday, to make our city a climate champion.

Green Venture

Helping keep Niagara green since 1954.  We are proudly affiliated with several groups and organizations in the Niagara Region. Together, we advocate, educate and participate in the conservation of natural resources and green spaces in the Niagara Region and elsewhere.

Peninsula Field Naturalists

Hamilton Conservation Authority, located at the western end of Lake Ontario, is the area’s largest environmental management agency, and is dedicated to the conservation and enjoyment of watershed lands and water resources. Our Vision, a healthy watershed for everyone.

Hamilton Conservation Authority

Grimsby Secondary School proudly serves students and families in Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln.  Offering a wide variety of programs, student leadership opportunities, sports and extracurricular activities, GSS is a place where every student can learn.  Our students go on to thrive in a variety of post-secondary institutions and programs across Canada.


Beamsville District Secondary School is a secondary school in Beamsville. It is a very busy and active school, balancing the academic demands of classes with extracurricular activities. BDSS has established a long tradition of excellence dating back to 1888, when the very first classes were conducted. Since that time BDSS has continued to offer a wealth of choice in areas of academics, sports and club activities.


Founded in 1912, ArcelorMittal Dofasco is Canada’s leading steel producer and a hallmark of advanced manufacturing in North America. With approx.5,000 employees in Hamilton we are the city’s largest private sector employer shipping 4.5 million net tons of high quality steel every year. We have to contribute to making a more sustainable future possible. The air we breathe, the land we live on and the water that sustains us are all essential components of our ecosystem. Each of these elements is also critical to our business and to the mining and steelmaking processes. We prioritize the responsibility of being a trusted user of these resources in Canada.

Arcelor Mittal Dofasco Hamilton

The eco-Defenders are a determined group of volunteers dedicated to lessening the environmental footprint at Niagara events by sorting the garbage, thereby diverting organics and recyclables from ending up in a landfill. They are inclusive of all ethnicities, religions, genders, sexualities, ages, ability levels and races. They accept anyone with a good attitude and a desire to help improve the environment!

Lincoln Eco-Defenders

Beamsville & District Lions have a dynamic history. Founded in 1939, we are best known for fighting blindness, but we also volunteer for many different kinds of community projects – including caring for the environment, feeding the hungry and aiding seniors and the disabled.

Beamsville & District Lions Club