Rotary Club of Grimsby and the Town of Grimsby have partnered to make the 2022 Great Lakes Watershed Clean-up – West Niagara a great success.  Several other community groups and institutions have joined in as well.

This is the Town of Grimsby’s Centennial Year!

To celebrate the history and legacy of Grimsby, staff are facilitating various projects, events, and service enhancements to commemorate this milestone. Celebrating a centennial year is a great accomplishment. We are excited to partner with Grimsby Rotary to clean our watershed as a celebratory event! To find more information on Grimsby, visit

As a special recognition of Grimsby Watershed Volunteers the Grimsby Green Seedling Program will be offering an opportunity to receive a Carolinian seedling as a thank you to

Participating Volunteers

Grimsby Green Seedling Program

The Grimsby Green Seedling Program aims to invest in tree planting and stewardship on private land. 95% of the Carolinian Forest is located on Private Property. The Grimsby Green Advisory Committee would like to offer you the opportunity to receive a Carolinian seedling as a thank you to volunteers participating in the 2022 Watershed Cleanup.

Program Conditions:

  • Residents must agree to plant and maintain the tree on their private property in Grimsby
  • Residents are encouraged to select a seedling species that best suits their private property planting conditions
  • Trees cannot be planted on boulevards, along streets or in town parks
  • Participants are requested to leave their addresses so that we can create a visual map of where the ‘Centennial Year’ seedlings are planted and track them yearly
  • Participants are encouraged to share images of their planted seedling using the hashtag #Grimsby100

If you are interested, please select ‘Yes, I would like to receive a seedling, and I agree to the program’s conditions.’